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Operable Partitions-

Operable Panel Partitions can easily transform any interior space into a functional area without fixed wall restraints. A wide range of acoustical ratings and unlimited finishes can be selected to custom tailor any partition. Optional accessories include pass-thru doors, work surfaces such and markerboards and tackboards, and windows.

Single Panels-Modernfold Acousti-Seal® Model 931-When remote or offset stacking is required, single panels have two suspension points which allow the panels to negotiate 90 degree turns. Single panels provide virtually limitless stacking arrangements.

Paired Panels-Modernfold Acousti-Seal® Model 932-Center Stacking panels provide quick and easy setup.  Panels are hinged in pairs and extend in straight runs only.

Electric Partitions-Modernfold Acousti-Seal® Model 933E-The ultimate in ease of operation. Simply turn a key!  

Acousti-Seal© Encore®- STC56: The evolved and trim less latest edition offered with optimal limitation of sound transmission at maximum levels incorporating all aesthetically pleasing options

Moveable Glass Walls
New to the Modernfold
® family of products, Moveable Glass walls are ideal for space division, security, with total visibility. Frequent uses include banks, office lobbies, conference areas and interior storefronts. Multiple finish options on top and bottom rails as well as several glazing options are available.  

Accordion Partitions
® Accordion Partitions offer space division at an economical price. Whether for visual separation or moderate acoustical sound control, accordion partitions are ideal for churches, schools and office environments. Finish options include vinyl, acoustical carper, fabric and wood veneer. Most models are available with electric operation.

Portable Partitions
When overhead support is not available or feasible, ScreenFlex
portable partitions are the answer. Create classrooms/meeting rooms using freestanding portable partitions on wheels. Partitions may be linked together using panel locks to achieve any desired width. Available in six (6) standard lengths and heights with a variety of finishes.