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Renlita ®

Modernfold® MOVEO®

Easy to operate electronically gliding horizontal partitions with top and bottom seals, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment with limitation to sound transmission when needed without sacrificing visibility. To meet ever changing environments, when these partitions are not needed they are easily stored by simply gliding back into the side pocket of each adjacent wall and covered by electronically operated closures

Manufacturers’ New Exciting Products

Easy and quiet automated panel system retracts into the ceiling with simultaneous turn key operation, state of the art with up to STC 60 acoustics

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Skyfold Classic ® Series

Provides exceptional aesthetically pleasing results as the Skyfold Classic™ Series, the differentiation is in the thinness of the Panels, and still offers the capability of STC 60 acoustics.

Skyfold Zenith® Series

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This series is as it is named with sleek glass partitions that are acoustically sealed and light weight, enabling a higher proportional viewing area with clean crisp lines and no need for side pockets.

Skyfold® Mirage© Series

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Learn More about Modernfold® MOVEO®

Modernfold® Encore ® Operable Partitions

The evolved and trim less latest edition offered with optimal limitation of sound transmission at maximum levels incorporating all aesthetically pleasing options.

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